What is Shen Shiatsu?

Shen Shiatsu is a unique approach. It is a synthesis of Shiatsu – poetry of movement and Osteopathy – poetry of rhythms.

Shen Shiatsu focuses on consciously perceiving and touching the three realities of the body that auto-regulate individually as well as globally. We find the mechanical reality within the tissue structures of the musculo-skeletal system allowing us to move and the dynamic reality within the liquids that circulate in the body and that constitute around 70% of our body mass. We can also perceive and contact the energetic reality found within the electro-magnetic fields, which surround and permeate the tissue structures, the fluids and the nervous system.

This focus manifests through the listening hands and the open heart of the Shen Master Practitioner who can thus stimulate the self-healing powers of the body.

The Shen Master Practitioner is capable of balancing and coordinating the different realities and structures of the body by communicating with the major self-regulating systems found within any human being.