Balancing pressures between cavities serves as a magic key for integration.

The body is made of five main pressure chambers, which are all connected. We have the cranium, the thorax, the abdomen, the pelvis and the spine.

These pressure chambers continually balance themselves and each other. Thus, they regulate the circulation of the cerebro-spinal fluids, the blood and lymph flow, the intake of oxygen and elimination of carbon dioxide, as well as all the other fluids of the body.

Everyday life can be flooded with stimuli thus leading to stress and extreme pressures in certain areas of the body. And if we find areas of extreme pressure, we also find areas lacking pressure, henceforth the need to balance and regulate the pressures throughout the main cavities. Once the cavities can communicate more efficiently, the body’s self-regulating systems function more properly and also enhance the person’s ability to breathe and regenerate.