Rolfing focuses on the myofascial network of the body.

It is a three dimensional network surrounding and enveloping all muscles, bones, nerves and organs.

The myofascial system can be shaped thanks to gentle, sensitive and well-tampered pressure. Thus, it is possible to bring about lasting changes to the body’s structure and posture.


Changing our structural alignment can bring about positive psychological changes.

New body awareness can also impact the psyche. An upright posture and easy gait improves our self-awareness and self-confidence. Letting go of old postural habits can also inspire and motivate us to change other things in our lives.

The ten series

Classically, Rolfing builds on the 10 series where each session has a clearly defined goal and addresses a specific area of the body during each session. Generally speaking, we seek to reach an integrated structure that lessens or even eliminates the strain on joints as well as an overuse of the tissues. Rolfing is always…

Who can profit from Rolfing?

Rolfing can support you in letting go of negative movement habits by replacing them with ecological and smooth movements. Beware, it is possible that you profit from these positive changes for a lifetime. One of Rolfing’s main objectives is to reduce physical restrictions. The body goes back into alignment and thus is in harmony with…


Ideally, gravity evenly distributes throughout the body. Ideally, gravity evenly distributes throughout the body. The individual segments support each other and do not necessitate additional muscle energy to allow us to be upright. The little illustration gives you an idea, what being in or out of balance can be like. In the aligned figure you…


The individual appearance of every human being – our unconsciously adopted posture The individual appearance of every human being – our unconsciously adopted posture – is the result of environmental factors that influence our body. Personal experiences, family influences, the way we use or abuse our body every day, whether at work or in our…

The history of Rolfing

Dr. Ida P. Rolf who lived from 1896 – 1979, developed Structural Integration what later became known as Rolfing. She was one of the first women in the USA to get a PhD in biochemistry and physiology. During her extensive research for effective solutions for chronic diseases, she came across different modalities like yoga and…